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Why are WiseGuides IRS Enrolled Agent Exam study materials priced so low?


This is the question we are asked most often. The simple answer is that since most of our sales are referrals from our customers who are pleased to share a good deal with their colleagues, we do not engage in heavy-handed and expensive marketing.

WiseGuides IRS EA Exam study materials are guaranteed and in over 20 years of preparing students to pass the EA Exam on the first try, we have found that most pass after studying each part for only about 90 days. (Our competitors certainly do not appreciate that we share that secret with you.)

To offer EA study materials that are extremely budget friendly, we sell our materials for only $59 per part and give you access for the entire IRS EA Exam cycle (each cycle starts May 1 and ends February 28).

In other words, we do not inflate the price by selling access and support for a longer period than what about 90% of our students need, which is only one exam cycle.

So, why should you pay more?